Warehouse 13 Spoilers: Battlestar Galactica Guest Stars

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On July 7, the Sci-Fi Channel is rebranding itself as the Sy Fy Channel. It's a significant change, we know.

The network hopes that its new science fiction series - a combination of The X-Files and Fringe - serves as an anchor for this new persona, as Warehouse 13 airs its two-hour pilot on the same date.

The show focuses on a pair of Secret Service agents that receive a new assignment: protection of a warehouse in South Dakota. It houses supernatural objects, as the two agents must also investigate reports of new, eerie developments.

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Just how much stock is Sy Fy putting into this drama? The network has lined up a slew of former Battlestar Galactica actors to guest star on it:

  • Tricia Helfer will play a Chicago-based FBI agent.
  • MichaelĀ  Hogan has been cast as the father of one of the main characters, Myka (Joanne Kelly).
  • Mark Sheppard will appear as an individual who represents the organization that controls the Warehouse.
Tricia Helfer and Michael Hogan

Tricia Helfer and Michael Hogan will guest star on early episodes of Warehouse 13.

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