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For a show that's hoping to take over for Lost as the next great dramatic mystery, it's no surprise that little is known about Flash Forward beyond its basic plot:

There's a mysterious global event in which all of mankind suffers a brief, simultaneous blackout. During this time, various characters glimpse their future lives.

Flash Forward Scene

In a recent interview, Flash Forward Producers David S. Goyer and Marc Guggenheim did open up a bit to The Los Angeles Times about what lies ahead. Here are a few excerpts:

Will Dominic Monaghan appear on the show? Goyer and Guggenheim declined to confirm or deny this rumor, but the former said:. "Obviously, we're not going to tell you that. So much of the speculation is so... wrong; it's awesome."

What occurs on April 29, 2010? We don't know, but it's an important date on the show. The first season will build to this day, the producer says, thoughit won't be the finale.

Is Seth MacFarlane really on the series? Yes, MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, has landed a recurring role as part of the FBI team working alongside the character of Olivia Benford. Goyer said MacFarlane liked the script so much he "begged" for a part on it.

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FlashForward Quotes

I didn't just lose consciousness; my consciousness went somewhere else.

Mark Benford

We've been saying people have been blacking out, but that wasn't my experience. More like a dream.

Mark Benford