Mark Feuerstein is a Royal Pain

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On Royal Pains, Mark Feuerstein plays surgeon Hank Lawson.

With its 75-minute premiere airing tonight on USA, Feuerstein has his first opportunity to anchor a series. 

Dr. Hank Lawson

He spoke to TV about a number of topics. Here are few highlights from the interview:

What drew you to this part?
A script comes across my desk where I get to be a romantic, dramatic and comedic lead, and it's a dream. Yeah, I could hold out for the scary-villain part on Heroes, but in the long run it might not be as interesting as being the lead on a show set in a world that I know and love from growing up in New York, written by incredible writers and with incredible castmates. You couldn't pass up an incredible opportunity like that unless you had much bigger fish to fry, and I didn't and I'm very thankful I didn't.

What happens to Hank this season?
Feuerstein: Most of the patients will just be around for one episode, but some will recur. Christine Ebersole's character, for example, will return, and we'll meet her staff. The character of Tucker [a rich kid who crashes his dad's Ferrari] has a great episode coming up where his story continues. Tucker is the one character who lets us know that all rich people aren't a--holes.

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