Warehouse 13 Spoilers: Meet the Characters!

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As one of the summer's most anticipated new shows, Warehouse 13 premieres on July 7.

The Sci-Fi network is using this X-Files-like drama to anchor its brand switch, as the channel premieres a new name on that same date: Sy Fy.

We have no idea if the re-branding will be a success, but the show looks promising.

It stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek in the three main roles; as the first two actors portray Secret Service Agents assigned to Warehouse 13, a mysterious storage facility in South Dakota. Rubinek's character is in charge of it.

For an early scoop on the show, get to know these characters a bit better. Click on each of the photos below to enlarge their images and read their bios:

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