Defying Gravity: Likely Coming to ABC

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Picture the doctors of Grey's Anatomy.

Replace their scrubs with an astronaut helmet; the operating room with a space station; and - presto! - you've got Defying Gravity!

The series revolves around eight astronauts ,from five countries, that go on a mysterious six-year mission. The 13-episode adventure - which began filming in January in Vancouver - was pitched to ABC as "Grey's Anatomy in space."

And it worked: the network has picked up the show and will likely air it this summer.

Ron Livingston

"Since we originally pitched [Defying Gravity] to the international marketplace as Grey's Anatomy in space, getting the series on the network that has Grey's and makes the most successful sci-fi show on TV in Lost is a good fit," said David Madden, the executive VP of Canadian network FtvS.

Ron Livingston (pictured) will headline Defying Gravity, along with Laura Harris, Christina Cox, Malik Yoba and Florentine Lahme.

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