True Blood Star Clamors for Kristen Stewart

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Twilight this.

New Moon that.

It's all Sam Trammell hears these days. The actor, who plays Sam Merlotte on True Blood, says the constant talks of that movie franchise is "ridiculous," but he told E! News:

"Everywhere I go I get asked [if I've seen Twilight]. I'm going to read all the books and watch the movie," he said.

Trammell also said he'd welcome Kristen Stewart on True Blood, as the actress that plays Bella in the Twilight Saga could sink her teeth into a different role.

"I really loved her in Adventureland," he said. "I'd love her to come on. She could be a little vampire or a victim."

Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte
K. Stewart

As for his own show, and what's actually set to take place, Trammell teased:

"I'll tell you that starting at episode six, it's utter mayhem. I turn into the smallest possible thing I can turn into and a very big thing as well."

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