FlashForward Premiere Spoilers: Near Suicides, Friendship Bracelets and More!

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We've seen the pilot episode of FlashForward.

The first 20 minutes are a bit muddled, but have patience. Events come together in the second half and the conclusion leaves one counting the days until episode two.

Flash Forward Scene

Read on for a few series premiere spoilers, as we reveal just what various characters actually flash forward to...

  • Aaron Stark sees his wife, alive and well. This is quite unexpected, as he thought she died in the war;
  • Zachary, a co-worker of Olivia's, is about to commit suicide in the present day - but he seems himself alive in his flash forward and decides against the act when he regains consciousness.
  • In Mark Benford's vision of the future, he's wearing a friendship bracelet. Near the end of the pilot, his daughter presents him with this piece of jewelry, confirming the accuracy of his flash forward.

FlashForward premieres on ABC on September 24. You should really watch it.

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FlashForward Quotes

I didn't just lose consciousness; my consciousness went somewhere else.

Mark Benford

We've been saying people have been blacking out, but that wasn't my experience. More like a dream.

Mark Benford