True Blood: Spoilers for Last Two Episodes

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Someone needs to take down Maryann on True Blood.  She has long worn off her welcome in Bon Temps as far as the citizens and we are concerned.

Now thanks to some spoilers from the cast of True Blood, we learn just how they plan on doing that.  Here's what's in store for the final two episodes of the season.

  • Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) describes Sookie's power as "I read the books, so I think she's part fairy. That was her fairy power."  Rutina Wesley (Tara) says the power "is a funky little thing" and we won't know for sure until season two
  • Tara Buck (Fangtasia waitress ginger) says that she'll be back this Sunday and that Sam will hide out in Fangtasia with Eric and Pam
  • Nelsan Ellis says it's not one single character that takes Maryann out, but rather it's a "group effort" by allt he good guys
  • As far as Arlene and Terry's future, Carrie Preston (Arlene) says, "When you're possessed on the show, the next day, you don't remember. So they can start over—like a reset, a reboot. I think Arlene is constantly searching for the perfect man, and maybe he's going to be the one. I don't know."
  • As for Tara and Eggs having a life after Maryann, Rutina says, "I think she is really falling in love for the first time...She's ready to open herself up"
  • Oh and did we mention the vampire Queen Sophie is hooking up with Sookie's cousin, Hadley Hale (Lindsey Haun)?  Check out the hot pic below
Sophie, Bill and Hadley

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