John Cho Speaks on Connection to FlashForward Character

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Best known for his role in the Harold & Kumar movies, it's safe to say that John Cho isn't taken too seriously as an actor.

But that's about to change, as he plays an integral role on the most anticipated drama of the fall: Cho will star as FBI agent Demetri Noh on FlashForward.

In a recent interview, the rising star spoke on the appeal of this character. He said:

"I wasn't willing to go back to television as I had a couple of shows that went bust on me, and I wasn't keen on testing those waters again. But this script is very compelling and I connected with Demetri's circumstances."

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What do those circumstances include?

Noh is engaged to a lawyer named Zoey, played by Gabrielle Union. In his vision of the future (mini spoiler alert!) Demetri sees... nothing. Does this mean he doesn't survive the next six months? No one knows.

"Unlike other television shows where the characters stay the same week after week, this is a little different as we don't know where the characters are going," Cho said.  "'We are finding our way around this, but it helped that we are shooting two episodes simultaneously."

FlashForward premieres on Thursday, September 24, immediately prior to the season debut of Grey's Anatomy.

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