Sonya Walger: Olivia is a "Strong, Complicated Woman"

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Coming off a recurring role on Lost, it would be understandable if Sonya Walger had trouble finding a new series to live up to the expectations set by that ground-breaking series.

But, based on an interview the actress gave to, it actually didn't take long for Walgner to fall in love with FlashForward. Here's what she had to say about the show:

On first reading the script: "Oh, I flipped for it. I thought it was just such an outstanding piece of writing. I rang my agents immediately and was like, "How do we make this happen? What do I have to do? I'll audition for anyone you need me to audition for. I will jump through any hoops. I just want to play this part."

On Olivia Benford: "Olivia is a strong, complicated woman who's a working mother. She's a trauma surgeon and a loving wife. She's devoted to her work and trying to make time for her kid. Olivia's plate is full long before the flash forward happens I think."

On asking for spoilers: "Not unless I really need it – unless I feel like I can't play the scene without a particular piece of information. But otherwise, I'm very happy just to go with what I have. There's enough on the page – the scripts are so well written. There's plenty to play, without needing to pry more secrets out of them."

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