A FlashForward Funeral: Episode Stills from "137 Sekunden"

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Through two episodes of FlashForward, we're major fans of this new ABC drama.

One complaint, however, is that the series hasn't focused enough on the bigger picture. After all, thousands - if not millions - of people died in the global blackouts, yet attention is being almost entirely paid to the problems of just a couple individuals.

Fortunately, it looks like the show has recognized this complaint and will tackle it on Thursday night's episode, "137 Sekunden."

As the photos below depict, there will be a memorial service held this week, in honor of those that died. Click on each images for a larger view and take a look at Gabrielle Union debuting as Demeri's fiancee...

FlashForward Funeral
The Big Picture
Zoey and Demetri
Funeral Photo

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