Brothers & Sisters Preview: "Pregnant Pause"

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There's no new Brothers & Sisters this week, but when the show returns a week from Sunday (November 30) it sure looks like the drama will make up for lost time.

In ABC's promo for the episode, Rebecca mulls what to do about her pregnancy (a continuation of what we saw in "The Wine Festival"), namely how to tell Justin.

We suspect the truth will come out at dinner in typical Walker fashion. Awkward! Meanwhile, Nora and her younger man get hot and heavy. Even more awkward!

As for what happens to the company - and Holly, financially - after Ryan sabotaged the new wine, that remains to be seen. We hope that little punk gets his, though.

Here's a preview of the upcoming episode, entitled "Pregnant Pause" ...

[video url="" title="Pregnant Pause Promo"] [/video]

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