FlashForward Pics: Who Does Simon Kill?

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On last week's episode of FlashForward, viewers got to know Dominic Monaghan's Simon a bit better.

Turns out, he's a world-respected scientist; he's got some game with the ladies; oh, and he kills a man on April 29, 2010.

Lying in bed with a gorgeous conquest, Simon describes his vision of the future: he's in a parking garage, and his hands are around the throat of an unidentified man. When the man finally stops struggling and loses his life, Simon clearly smiles.

It was an eerie flash forward that raised many questions. Chief among them: who the heck was the victim?!?

Below, we've blown up a few screen caps from the episode and are asking readers for theories on who Simon killed and why. Give us your best guesses!

The Victim
A Future Murder
Simon's Future

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Mark Benford

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