How Would You Fix Heroes?

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Following the episode that bid a final farewell to Nathan Petrelli, Heroes is on hiatus until 2010.

While creator Tim Kring talks a good game about a fifth season pick-up, the ratings speak for themselves: Heroes averages under six million live viewers per week. It's the lowest-rated network drama on television.

We'd like to see it return for a new volume, but only if it makes certain changes.


As readers discuss the show in our Heroes forum, here are the steps we'd take to fix the series and, hopefully, ensure a long run for it...

  • Turn Claire evil. Really evil, truly evil, not like Nathan-in-season-three evil. Claire is young, she's been searching for acceptance her entire life and it would make sense for her to think she's found it at the carnival. Eliminate her constant, boring second-guessing of what she wants and turn Claire Bear loose against her former friends.
  • Kill off Mohinder.
  • Kill off Tracy.
  • No more time-traveling. Ever.
  • Unite Hiro, Parkman, Peter and a returning Elle (we can dream can't we?) against Claire and her villainous carnival. Bam! There's your fifth season. No more hiding, no more whining about acceptance in society. Let these heroes actually use their abilities, pit a good faction against a bad faction - each led by HRG and Samuel, respectively - and turn the show into the action-packed adventure it always should have been.

Agree? Disagree? We have a lot of time to debate possible changes to the show prior to a new episode airing. Send in your suggestions today!

Also, relive the first half of the season by clicking on various images below:

A Cutter
Trio of Heroes
Charlie and Hiro Kiss
Time to Be Hazed
Life for HRG
Hospitalized Hiro
Samuel and Sylar
Tracy Picture
Matt and Baby Matt
Samuel Meets Hiro
Peter in a Fight

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