Brothers & Sisters Casting Rumor: Joe Jonas as Young Tommy?!

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Even as Brothers & Sisters guest stars go, this one would qualify as high-profile, and unexpected. We just hope they don't try to make young Tommy into a musician.

None other than Joe Jonas is rumored to be playing a younger version of Balthazar Getty's character, Tommy Walker, in the show's two-episode flashback this spring.

The Brothers & Sisters event focusing on the history of the Walker family reportedly will feature two different arcs: William, Nora and Holly in '73, and the kids in '86.

Tommy is presumably in his early 40s now, making him 16-18 in this scenario. ABC has not confirmed the rumor, but E! reports today that Joe Jonas is on board.

Are you psyched or what?

Joe and Balthazar

Can you see Joe Jonas as a young Balthazar Getty?

As for other younger Walkers, Rachel Leigh Cook is in contention to portray 1973 Nora (currently played by Sally Field). Also in the running for Nora are Courtney Ford (Dexter) and a namesake, Nora Zehetner (new Mercy West transplant Reed on Grey's Anatomy).

Meanwhile, Kay Panabaker will play a young Kitty (Calista Flockhart), Anna Wood will play Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), and Kasey Campbell will play Kevin (Matthew Rhys).

Who would you like to see play the rest of the Walkers - and are you happy with the choices rumored here? Do you like the idea of a flashback episode in general?

** UPDATE: Cody Longo, from ABC Family's Make It or Break It, has been tapped to play this younger version of Tommy. Sorry, Jonas Brothers fans.

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