What the Chuck? Producers Respond to Fan Reaction Over Relationship Upheaval

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Due to NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics, Chuck will be off the air until March 1.

This is especially troubling to fans that are aghast over the developments from "Chuck Versus the Mask," which depicted both Chuck and Sarah pursuing relationships with other people.

In response to viewer outrage, producers Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak have a message: Chill.

Kristin Kreuk as Hannah
As Shaw

Many Chuck fans would love to set fire to Hannah and Shaw. Are you among them?

They corresponded with Michael Ausiello over email this week and wrote:

We knew it was going to cause a bit of angst in some viewers. We didn’t expect this level, though we are appreciative that our fans are this invested in the characters. One thing we didn’t anticipate when we made this episode was that it would be the last episode before a three-week hiatus.

If you see one person moving on, it can spur you to move on as well. But we want to stress, Chuck and Sarah are not emotionally in the same place at the end of this episode.

We need [fans] to trust us to tell the most emotionally satisfying story possible. This has been mapped out from the start, and we always knew telling this portion of the story would be difficult for some... we think if they do take this journey with us, they will see what we had planned the whole time.

To get an idea of what's ahead, check out a few Chuck spoilers now. Then, go get a drink and relax.

There are 12 more episodes to go.

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