True Blood Season Four Spoilers: Premiere Title, New Characters Revealed

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Season four of True Blood won't air until the summer of 2011. But we already know it will focus on witches.

We also know its premiere episode will be titled "She's Not There."

Come to Sookie

As for new characters that will be introduced? Entertainment Weekly has provided us with the following casting notices, as the series is looking for actors/actresses to fill the following roles:

Marnie: A pretend palm reader who gets possessed by the spirit of a real witch.

Portia: Andy’s sister, a very pretty lawyer. Likely to get naked a lot.

Naomi: An Asian-American, lesbian cage fighter.

Queen Mab: A temper-filled beauty who presides over a fairy/fantasy world.

Suzanne McKittrick: A spoiled, Real Housewives-type who is rumored to be a Shapeshifter.

Got any casting suggestions? Remember: our True Blood forum is alive and ready for discussion now and throughout the off-season!

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True Blood Quotes

Sookie: Doing this? For the last six hours?!
Eric: You seemed surprised. Is Bill's stamina not enough?

Sookie: I shouldn't have lost it like that.
Tara: Don't you feel sorry for yellin' at that snoopy old bitch. She's been stickin' her nose where it don't belong for years.
Lafayette: Say it. I mean, if she talked any more shit she'd be shaped like a toilet

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