Mark Valley Previews Season Two of Human Target

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Human Target returns to Fox this Wednesday with a couple changes. A couple beautiful changes, that is.

Indira Varma and Janet Montgomer will play key roles on the series. How does star Mark Valley feel about that?

"It’s really not veering off in any different direction, it’s still the same show, same people and same team,” Valley told TV Addict. “We have a couple of new characters who are going to make things interesting, but I’m pretty happy and from what we’ve been shooting thus far, it’s been a lot of fun.”

Season 2 Premiere Scene

Varma will play Ilsa Pucci, Christopher Chance's new boss. Naturally, Valley already must answer questions about any romance in this area.

“Chemistry is as chemistry does so I think it’s going to depend on where our writers want to take it and what they see happening and where they see some potential,” said Valley. “I just really want to make a good TV show and if they decide that that’s something that’s going to enhance the story or teach us more about Chance or the other characters, I’m all for it.”

Human Target premieres its second season on Wednesday and remember: TV Fanatic will cover this show in depth, via weekly recaps, reviews, photos and more!

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Human Target Quotes

People have secrets and secrets are dangerous, so what are you keeping from me?

Christopher Chance

In 3 hours one way or another this thing is going to be over.

Christopher Chance