Can The Event Avoid Cancellation?

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The Event aired its midseason finale this week and will now go on hiatus until March 7.

Wait, a serialized show with low ratings that is criticized for shoddy storytelling and slow pacing takes a break for three months in the hope that it can retool and bring in new viewers? If this sounds familiar, it's because ABC followed the same strategy with FlashForward last year.

That series never saw a second season, of course. How can The Event avoid a similar fate?

A Pensive President

"We're increasing the pace of what's happening, sort of like a good movie or novel would. As we come down the stretch, things will start happening quicker," producer Evan Katz told USA Today, adding that his show will respond to the sense of "impatience" he feels among fans.

The Event earned a strong premiere audience  of 10.9 million viewers. But its most recent four episodes struggled to average six million.

Katz hopes that increased action, heavy marketing by NBC and, he hopes, a two-hour 2011 premiere will draw in new viewers and/or bring back those who stopped watching. We have our doubts. How about you?

Did you give The Event a chance? Will you do so again in a few months?

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