Skins Trailer: MTV Pushes the Envelope

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Jersey Shore has nothing on Skins.

MTV's latest show hasn't even premiered yet and groups like the Parents Television Council are already up in arms, calling it "dangerous" and other bad things.

The show's "marketing campaign makes light of lying to parents and participating in harmful, irresponsible, illegal and adult-themed behavior," says the PTC.

Combine that with "high school characters engaging in drug use and casual sex" and you've got a surefire controversy magnet and likely hit for the network.

Here's the trailer for MTV's version of the UK series, which premieres next Monday (January 17) at 10 p.m. Think they're taking it too far with this? Watch:

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Skins Quotes

Stanley: Tonight Mr. Happy, the furry city.
Stanley: So you're a doctor.
Le Dong: Who said?
Stanley: PhD?
Le Dong: Pretty. Huge. Dick.

Tony: Hi, Nips.
Michelle: Stop calling me Nips, Tony.
Tony: It's a funny name. I've seen a few nips, Nips, and yours are hilarious.