Breaking Bad Spoilers: What's Ahead on Season Four?

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We knew it would come down to this on season four of Breaking Bad, didn't we?

Following a season that saw Walt partner with Gus Fring, only to avoid execution at the hands of this drug kingpin by having Jesse kill Gale, creator Vince Gilligan says fans should expect a major battle of wits to unfold this summer between these two.

“Walt will find himself less enchanted with the world of meth production than he currently does,” Gilligan tells EW. “He journeys deeper into this criminal underworld, and then much of season 4 is Walt’s effort to get out from under and overcome in a very dangerous battle of wills.”

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What else can we expect from season four, which premieres on July 17 and which AMC teased this week with a new trailer?

  • Skyler and Walt will "come to an understanding," Gilligan previews, as they grow closer via their business partnership.
  • Jesse will be struggling with his "inner demons," Aaron Paul says, while also hyping a "budding romance in the drug world."
  • Hank will be engaged in a long road to recovery.
  • We'll learn more about Gus and his past.
  • Saul will be “pulled deeper and further into places he doesn’t want to go," says Gilligan.
  • Walt Jr. will turn 16!

For more teases and quotes, read this full article now at Entertainment Weekly and then react: just how excited are you for season four of Breaking Bad?

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