Burn Notice Spoilers: A New Set of Complications to Come

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Should Michael Westen have been careful about what he wished for?

It came true on the season four finale of Burn Notice, as the character heads into this summer an unburned agent. But creator Matt Nix tells AOL that a life NOT on the run - which is where we pick up on the June 23 premiere - may not be very exciting for Michael.

"One of the things that emerges early in the season is that the typical intelligence agency job is not necessarily a high-stakes, high-octane thrill ride," Nix says.

Being quasi employed by the CIA, and teaming with Grant Show as seen above, will create "a whole different set of complications" for our hero, Nix says, adding:

"Michael Westen is the same Michael who got burned. At that time, he hadn't spoken to his family in eight years. He hadn't been around Fi. Sam was an old friend he saw occasionally. Now he's much closer to Fi, he sees his mother all the time."

What will these connections mean for Michael's new life? That's one of many questions we look forward to tackling, as we cover Burn Notice in depth all summer long.

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Burn Notice Quotes

Sam: What can I do?
Michael: I just hacked Brennen's cell. I e-mailed you everything on it. I need you to comb through the addresses, text messages and phone calls.
Sam: You wanna know what Brennen's after.
Michael: I wanna know everything. I wanna know who his buyer is, where he's got Nate, what brand of orange juice he drinks in the morning.
Sam: I'm on it.
Michael: And you'd better hurry. 'Cause I get the feeling Brennen's got the Westen brothers fitted for body bags.

Sam: You got the pickup-location, Mikey?
Michael: Train tracks on 10th Street. Looks like the meeting is gonna be on the move so no one can hit it.
Sam: Have to hit it on the move then.

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Song Fun In The Islands Rene Van Verseveld
Song Synthetic Beat Chamber
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