Exclusive Interview: Lindsay Pulsipher on True Blood Season 4, Ryan Kwanten Shirtless

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Lindsay Pulsipher came on board True Blood last season as Crystal Norris and was given a difficult assignment:

Star in numerous scenes with Ryan Kwanten's Jason Stackhouse, often while the latter was shirtless. The actress can look forward to more of the same on season four.

"I find it absolutely disturbing," she joked with me in an interview today.

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The third season finale featured Jason leaving Bon Temps for Hotshot, where he'll be placed in charge of Crystal and her people. Her werepanther people, that is.

"There's definitely a turn in Jason and Crystal's relationship," Pulsipher said. "You get to know the were-panthers a lot more."

Interestingly, the actress had a chance to get to know her character a lot better, but turned it down. She said she read the first few Charlaine Harris Harris novels after landing the role, but actually stopped when Crystal was introduced.

"Alan Ball has his own take on the series," she explained. "He respects the books, definitely, but he molds it to fit the TV format. I wanna look at Crystal through my own eyes and through the eyes of the writers instead of what was already written about her."

Sounds reasonable to us.

But, come on, can't she provide a few more True Blood spoilers? Anything to whet our appetite in anticipation of the June 26 premiere?

"It will be bigger and better than ever before," is all Lindsay would say. "The show manages to outdo itself every season and this is no exception."

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