Mark Feurstein on Royal Pains Season 3: A Long Winter, A Sibling Rivalry

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Hank Lawson will have gone through a long winter when we next see him. Just how long?

"He will have a full beard," at the outset of Wednesday's season premiere, star Mark Feurstein said on a conference call last week, teasing how Hank has been mostly in charge of HankMed by himself for the past nine months.

Royal Pains Season 3 Premiere Pic

The mane will quickly be shaven, however, as the enthusiastic actor hyped a fun summer ahead for fans of this USA hit.

Among the storylines he teased: tension between Hank and Evan; the arrival of a new family member; and the inclusion of guest stars such as Natalie Zea (above), Julie Benz, Greg Jennings and Matt Lauer.

Where things stand: "Over the course of the winter, she’s been through stuff with Raj and the cancellation of the wedding. But Evan’s been gallivanting all of Europe with Paige. So it’s been a long winter, but he’s made it through and he will shave his beard for all of our viewers who might not like to see that much hair on his face."

Where will the brothers reside? "Hank and Evan will return to Shadow Pond soon enough, but there will have to be some repairing of the dynamics between them and Boris... there will be a scene between me and Campbell Scott where we address the tension that emerged because of Hank’s dynamic with Marissa and the triangle between Marissa, Hank, and Boris."

The return of Eddie, the arrival of Grandpa: "[Eddie is] coming out of jail and I think the big question in Evan and Hank’s minds is: Will he walk the straight and narrow path? So as we head down to Florida to pick him up, we are very much preparing for battle...

... And what we didn’t realize we would encounter is a new member of the Lawson family, Hank and Evan’s grandfather, who we have never met and never known." (He'll be played by Ed Asner.)

A sibling rivalry ahead? Evan and I have - like so many families who go into business together - had different ideas about how to grow the business of HankMed. And that will come to a major head in Season 3.

Royal Pains premieres season three on Wednesday. Return to TV Fanatic immediately after the episode airs for a full review!

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