Christopher Goram Previews Auggie-Centric Episode of Covert Affairs

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Rebecca Mader guest stars on tonight's episode of Covert Affairs, but that's only a small part of "Half a World Away."

The episode will take viewers into Auggie's past and reveal the reason behind his blindness. What can we expect to learn?

"You find out that before he lost his sight, he wasn’t into jazz at all," the actor told TV Line. "In the episode, you find out why he loves that music so much... we finally get the full story of how he lost his sight... you get the reason that he doesn’t share that story with many people... you get a great action scene, and there’s some romance for Auggie."

Laughing Auggie

Check out the full interview now, in which Gorham also teases that Mader's character could return, and then visit TV Fanatic as soon as tonight's episode concludes. We'll have a full review.

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