Breaking Bad Season Finale to Be Crazy Ride, Aaron Paul Teases

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The tension has been building for weeks on Breaking Bad, as alliances have shifted, plans have been revealed and Walter White has finally realized: I've really screwed up.

How will it all go down on tomorrow night's season four finale? Aaron Paul won't reveal anything specific, of course, but did say in a recent TV Guide interview:

"You truly haven't seen anything yet. People are going to be screaming and yelling at the television set multiple times and definitely [be] on the edge of their seats. They're going to struggle to hold on. It's definitely a crazy ride."

Paul's Jesse, of course, has been at the center of a power struggle between Walt and Gus all season long. Whose side is he actually on? Neither, the Emmy winner says:

"Jesse is coming into his own and I think he's going to take that stand and show who he truly is. He's not going to be used as a pawn anymore."

Breaking Bad wraps up an incredible season Sunday at 10 p.m. on AMC. Visit TV Fanatic soon after the episode concludes for a complete review.

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