Chuck Round Table: Final Season Preview

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The final season of Chuck is upon us.  In addition to our Chuck reviewer, Dan, and myself, we brought in the big guns.  Sarah Walker fan girl herself, Kris D.   So join as we discuss what's been brewing in our heads all summer long as we've been waiting for our Chuck void to be filled.

Remember, not only to read our round table, but to tune into Chuck's new time.  Tonight at 8 pm EST.

1. Which of the amazing guest stars lined up are you most looking forward to?

Dan F: My love for Community, Lost and Las Vegas want me to say Danny Pudi, Jeff Fahey, or Cheryl Ladd, but I have to go with Craig Kilborn.  I was a huge fan of his on SportsCenter back in the day, and don't sleep on his villainous performance in Old School.  The dude might fit right in with this Chuck crew, and I'm certainly looking forward to it..

Kris D: Carrie-Ann Moss. I've loved her since Models, Inc. and I loved her as Trinity. I think it's another inspired casting and I'm glad that she's there for a multiple episodes

Eric H: Wow, Dan, want to leave any names for the rest of us to drop here?  Luckily you left out the best one.  Could there be a better guest star than Mark Hamill to bring on a nerd show?

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2. Chuck losing the Intersect, Morgan gaining it.  Think it will stay that way this season?  Do you want it to?

Dan F: The question isn't whether it will stay that way.  It is how many times will the intersect change brains over the course of the final season?  If we know Chuck, we know that they like to change things up on us repeatedly (see Mama Bartowski going back and forth from being bad and good 100 times last year).

Kris D: I don't mind if Chuck never gets the intersect again. Truth be told I wasn't that fond of him when he got Intersect 2.0. It was like he forgot that he had a brilliant brain without the Intersect. it'll be great to see him strategizing, coming to grips to life without Intersect, and to finally realize his value without it.

Eric H: Point taken, Dan. As far as how I want things to turn out, when I first saw Morgan get the Intersect and Chuck lose it in the season finale, I thought the show jumped the shark.  But after having a summer to think about it and the unreal chance to sit down with the cast and producers at Comic Con, I think I'm ready for it.  Like Kris, I've loved when Chuck went back to just using his brain.  So the question really becomes, how hilarious will Morgan Grimes be with the Intersect?  The answer: very.  And for that, my long-winded answer comes down to, yes, let's enjoy the old switch-a-roo this season.

3.  How do you want things to end for Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan?

Dan F: Four-way marriage?  No that can't be right.  I'd like to see Chuck and Sarah get out of the business, while Casey and Morgan continue on together as the co-heads of the new private spy agency.  They can call it Masey's.  Sound too familiar?  Well they'll figure out a different name.

Kris D: Here's what I want the last scenes for each to look like: Everyone getting together at Chuck and Sarah's for a family dinner. Ellie, Devon and Clara, Morgan, Alex, Casey and a significant other (give the guy a break!). Chuck and Sarah smiles at each other and he touches her stomach. When Morgan tries to hand her a glass she says "no drink for me", and everyone is pans out and the scene fades. Juicy, right? And then we get a montage with everybody's face on it and what happens to them afterwards. They can inject the comedy here. I want Sarah to be something kick-ass. Like she trains a new batch of young spies and is continuously in demand to quell guerillas with a fork. 

Eric H: Please, Dan, Charrah can never get out of the business.  We saw what happened with that in past seasons.  As much as I love your perfect solution and hilarious company name, we'll probably just stuck with them having a kid.  Maybe that will force them into retirement and pave away for Masey's.  As far as Casey, I'm glad he's going to get his own love interest and all in the form of Trinity, but I really want to see the guy ride off happily ever after into the sunset with a new team of bad ass spies under him.  Morgan, meanwhile, can be one of those bad ass spies after living in Chuck's shadow for so many years.  You know, in between schtooking Casey's daughter.

4. I hear Jeffster! is breaking up.  Thoughts!?

Dan F: This is a travesty to the music world!  Who is going to cover songs as ridiculously as Jeffster!?  As with Simon and Garfunkel, though, the question is to who will have the better solo career?  In this case Lester is Simon and Jeff will sadly be Garfunkel!

Kris D: I don't give one fig about Jeffster. And that is my polite answer

Eric H: Kris, welcome to your first and last round table!  How dare you insult the greatest cover band!?  As far as solo careers, I think Dan nailed it, but I personally will be boycotting either sale.  To me it'd be more like Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain breaking up and Rain going solo.  As awesome as he'd be, I couldn't support him without the group.

5. What element of Chuck do you want to see more this season? 

Dan F: I want to see more weird interactions.  Let's see some Ellie and Big Mike situations, some Lester and Awesome stake out, or maybe a Sarah, Jeff, and Baby Clara situation.  Mix things up a bit!

Kris D: Chuck and Sarah #sexytime for sure. I'm sorry, I'm a shipper.

Eric H: Bring on the Buy More and goofy nerd humor.  With Chuck and Sarah as the new owners, I expect some whole new dynamics and ridiculousness at the store.  Plus it's our final season, it'll be meant to be light-hearted and fun. 


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