Revenge Scoop: Who is Going to Jail?

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Somebody's going to jail.

So Henry Czerny told me over the phone this week when asked to give fans an idea of what's to come on Revenge, which returns with two major episodes on February 8 and 15, the second of which will focus on Emily and Daniel's infamous engagement party.

The first, meanwhile, will bring Conrad's father into town. He's played by William Devane and...

"He and Conrad and somewhat estranged," Czerny previews. "His dad began the company, but Conrad is of the belief that it would have remained mediocre if not for his guidance."

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So what brings the elder Mr. Grayson to The Hamptons? Victoria, of course. She has every intention of making Conrad's victory in the couple's divorce case "short-lived," the actor said.

"Conrad's father is concerned about a struggle for the company," he added. "He's worried about a lessening of the integrity of the stock if a messy divorce is made public."

Like father, like son, clearly, as Conrad is a man almost solely focused on business. That much is clear based on his interactions with Daniel, most of which center on what's best for the company, not what's best for their relationship as a parent and child.

"The love that Conrad has for his offspring is eclipsed by the demands of his business," said Czerny, even comparing Conrad in a roundabout way to Rupert Murdoch. "When you have a company of this size, with shareholders involved... there's a certain alchemy involved for hedge fund managers."

To that end, viewers haven't seen Conrad worried about Emily's past or what she might be after, not unless it affects the bottom line of Grayson Global.

That's because Conrad's "main concern is that his son is not marrying a gold digger," Czerny says. "He doesn't want to give half his trust to someone who has every intention of simply divorcing Daniel and taking it."

What about that past, though? We've seen Victoria suffer with memories of her role in framing David Clarke. Is Henry totally over the incident?

"There's going to be an ebb and flow for him," Czerny says. "It's more available for Victoria because, remember, she lost the person she considers to be her greatest love. But Conrad simply retained his standing on Wall Street. He hasn't really dealt with what he did."

Revenge returns with a new episode on February 8. We can't wait.

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