Revenge Sneak Peeks: Emily vs. Mason!

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Sunday on Revenge, Emily Thorne is confronted by the slimy Mason Treadwell, who's finally put two and two together and figured out the connection between our heroine and FauxManda ... or has he?

Watch the clip below and see what he thinks is going on between them ...

"America will devour the tale of the felonious, sapphic blondes and their vendetta against one of the wealthiest families on the planet," he cagily threatens, while Emily promises a libel suit in return.

Emily and Amanda were lovers, the best-selling author hypothesizes, thus the former's obsession with the latter and bankrolling of her crusade. Nice try, Mase. Although we give you due credit for trying.

How will Emily deal with him and this new potential threat? That remains to be seen, and it certainly isn't the only problem she has on her plate. Another clip from "Exposure" makes that abundantly clear.

Watch what happens when she and Aiden talk strategy regarding their next moves - and the fact that Kara Clarke is leaving town, at least temporarily - and share your predictions in the comments ...

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