Once Upon a Time Scoop: Snow's Dark Side, Gold's Vengeance, The Future for Emma and Bae

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Hold on tightly, Once Upon A Time Fanatics.

On Sunday's “The Miller’s Daughter,” we find out how Cora (played beautifully by Rose McGowan in flashbacks) came to be the villainous Cora, while also delving into the past of Rumplestiltskin.

And who better to tease the episode but OUAT creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who gave us a window into all the romance and trickery, as well as whether all-good Snow White will truly go bad. Read on for teases and spoilers related to the upcoming installment...


Do Regina & Cora have the same objective?
“I would say that [Regina has] already probably figured out they don’t have the same objectives,” Kitsis said. “But for Regina, her objective is Henry and she’s so desperate that if anyone offers her a short cut to getting him, she will take that road.”

Will Gold really try to kill Henry?
Since the Seer in the “Manhattan” episode told Gold the boy who leads him to his son will also be his undoing, how vengeful will Gold really be? Horowitz teased: “At the time when Gold said, ‘Well then I’ll just have to kill him.’ [But] he had no idea what the future would hold and this boy would turn out to be his grandson and now things are very complicated for Gold.”

Rumplestiltskin and Young Cora

Emma/Bae: Will that fiancé of his be the ultimate obstacle?
“I think what we love so much about Emma and Bae,” said Kitsis, “is that they’re two people who grew up in similar ways without a family and with walls around their hearts and so I think they were each other’s loves and for us what’s interesting is why did they move on? What happened? And what happens now and tomorrow’s definitely going to be a part of all that.”

But what about that Emma/Hook flirtation from earlier in the season?
Don’t hold your breath for anything immediately as Kitsis said: “I think that as the series progresses - maybe this year - they might be very busy with other things, but you never know.” Horowitz added that Hook is “going to be in close proximity as the season continues and sparks will fly in many different ways.” Who doesn’t love a good love triangle, right?

Will the magic candle that Snow didn’t use to save her mother’s life in “The Queen Is Dead” make another appearance?
Horowitz teased: “I would think if you show a candle that can do something like that. You can’t just not come back to it.” Kitsis also weighed in and said of Snow: “We’ve seen her go dark before. The question is will she really be able to go through with it?”

Who will ultimately push Snow to maybe go dark again?
“I think its frustration,” said Kitsis. “In last week’s episode, when Regina sat down and said ‘What did good every get me? Dinner with a bunch of people who will never forgive me.’ For us, we always try to take these characters and put them in real situations and for us, how many times have you been really upset and you’re like ‘Why am I doing this the right way? What did good ever get me?’

'If I would’ve killed Regina a long time ago,” Kitsis continued, speaking as Snow. “My daughter [Emma], I would’ve watched her grow up. I would be in the Enchanted Forest. None of this would’ve happened and I wouldn’t have had all this misery. Why am I doing the right thing? What’s it getting me? And now Johanna’s dead.’ So I think she’s frustrated and I think that sometimes you let those emotions cloud your judgment and then you have to deal with the repercussions of it and that’s what this story is. It’s in a lot of ways a cautionary tale.”

Rumplestiltskin = Sex Machine?
Expect some flashback sexy time between Rumple and young Cora. Who knew the baddie with the not-so-great skin would be such a hit with the ladies? “If you go back and you watch him in Cinderella and other things,” corrected Kitsis, “there’s lots of sexiness to the way he plays the character and what we really loved is what was he like truly in love. We saw him as pre-Dark One with Milah but they had very few moments of happiness but Cora is his soulmate in a lot of ways. She understands him in a way that other people don’t because she’s not trying to make him a better man.”

What’s coming the rest of Once Upon a Time Season 2?
Horowitz previewed: “I would say that it is pretty nonstop and that all the pieces we’ve put on the table in the start of the season are now finally intersecting and there’s some big reveals and there’s some character’s returning that we haven’t seen in a while and it’s all coming together to a finale that we really are very excited about and hope the audience feels the same way.”

Kitsis added: “I’ve got to say we’re really, really proud of this next run of episodes. We think it’s some of the strongest we’ve ever done.”

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