Scandal Flashback Photos: What the Huck?!?

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How did Huck meet Olivia? What was this assassin's life like before joining Pope and Associates? What does Guillermo Diaz look like with mega facial hair?

All these questions and more will be answered on "Seven Fifty-Two," as Scandal Season 2 flashes back to Huck's past and gives us a surprising look at where he was in life prior to becoming a Gladiator.

Click through these episodes photos to enlarge each one and get an idea of what's ahead:

Scandal Flashback Pic
Past Huck
Huck and Olivia, Back in the Day

Elsewhere on the April 25 installment, Olivia and Fitz will get into in an emotionally charged conversation, oblivious to the fact that someone could be watching, while Cyrus grows increasingly skeptical of Jake and Mellie makes a choice that could bring down the White House.

Jasika Nicole will guest star.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Pain is the only human process that is completely defined by the person experiencing it. Now the more I do this the more I learn that people are very different in how they respond to the pain I put them through. You say 'potato' I say 'buh buh,' that type of deal. Now I would say that the majority, maybe 90% of my projects, scream out right away. But then some of them surprise me. They grit their teeth for as long as they can until they pass out and they never make any sound at all. Now they're not any braver than anyone else, they're just different. Which is what makes this job so interesting. You really get to see what people are made of. Literally.


Olivia: I hate you.
Fitz: I know.