Kristin Bauer Teases True Blood Season 6, Changing Pam and Eric Relationship

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As loyal fans of the HBO smash know so well, each season of True Blood delivers a roller coaster of nudity, fun, death and all-out craziness.

And True Blood Season 6, which kicks off Sunday, is no exception.

But Kristin Bauer talks exclusively to TV Fanatic in the following interview and explains that upcoming episodes are different for just how much is very different in Bon Temps, from a ruthless governor (played by Arliss Howard) to the relationship between Pam and Eric, which is changing in ways that do not make Pam very happy.

Another major change to come? Yes, Pam really is drinking milk in this photo...

Pam Drinks Milk

TV Fanatic: The season starts out with Pam and Eric not exactly connecting as he pushes her away. How does that make Pam feel?
Kristin Bauer: Not good. Eric is all Pam has ever needed, besides clothing, hair and makeup. But all that can be replaced, Eric cannot.

TVF: Eric never told Pam he had a sister (Lucy Griffiths)! Guessing Pam feels a little betrayed, right?
KB: Terribly betrayed! How can she have shared everything with him and there are things she doesn't know about him? Pam and Eric's relationship is changing and Pam doesn't want it to.

TVF: Pam and Tara (Rutina Wesley) are quite a pair and as Eric pushes Pam away, she pushes Tara away! Would you like to see Pam let her guard down and let Tara in?
KB: I enjoy both the pushing and the accepting. I think too much acceptance from Pam would betray all we know of her. She is a tough woman, who comes from a tough time and chose to be a vampire over 100 years ago. She is too wise and independent to let her guard down without a fight.

TVF: Pam and Tara did kiss last season before they were interrupted. Do you think they’d be a good match or will Eric be in the way?
KB: I think Pam and Tara are very similar. Whether that makes for a happy relationship or not I’m not so sure...but sure makes for a fun one to watch on TV.

TVF: With everyone at odds, is this a good time for the new Governor to try to take the vampires down?
KB: It may be a good time for the humans, not so sure it is a good time for the vampires.

TVF: If Fangtasia is truly shut down, where will Pam focus her energies?
KB: She only has a couple options - go underground or fight back. We definitely see how all the vampires react under pressure.

TVF: With Tara or not, any romance (or good old fashioned lust) for Pam this season?
KB: Well, we're under fire....but it's True Blood, so I wouldn't rule it out.

TVF: Eric talks about how the world is changing. Is Pam good at change?
KB: She is a resilient creature and also a volatile one just like most vampires. They've seen a lot of history and have a unique perspective not based in fear. Thank God, or the show might be really dull!

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