Once Upon a Time Episode Pics: Panning for Gold

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What sort of "Nasty Habits" will be exhibited by the residents of Storybrooke, and visitors of Neverland, on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 4?

We'll find out in a few days, but fans of this ABC drama can take a few guesses based on the recently-released set of photos unveiled this week by the network.

They feature a lot of Mr. Gold - who will confront Peter Pan on Sunday's installment - and a great deal of Tinker Bell. They also depict David struggling for his life due to an unhealthy dose of poison, while we see Rumplestiltskin go in search of a missing Bae in Fairy Tale World.

Click through the following images now and visit our Once Upon a Time photo gallery for plenty more:

Searching for Bae
Regina in Neverland
Convincing Tinker Bell
A Life Without Charming
Telling the Truth
Trusting Hook
Once Without Emma?!?
Rumpelstiltskin & the Lost Boys
Incredulous Tinker Bell
Peter Pan's Plan
Tinker Bell's Plan
Peter Pan's New Plan
Peter Gets Angry
Rumpel & the Lost Boy
What's Rumpel's Plan?
A Life Without Charming

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