Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Lost Girl"

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Once Upon a Time not only gave us the Lost Boys on Neverland this week, but showed us that there was a "Lost Girl" too.

Below, our Round Table team of TV Fanatics Nick McHatton, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss whether we miss Storybrooke this season and if Henry could have a dark side.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Gareth:  Jennifer and Ginny knocked it out of the park with the orphan scene. It was such a heartfelt performance from Jennifer. Absolutely loved it. I really feel that these were the solid character moments that were missing from season two. I also loved all the scenes with Robbie Kay as Peter Pan. He is doing a fantastic job and is quite chilling in the role.

Nick: The scene between Mary Margaret and Emma about her abandonment; it's been a lingering issue between the family. Emma still feels like an orphan, but she hasn't had the guts to admit it to herself or her parents.

Jim: I really liked Charming and Snow when she confronted him about the fake sword. Got to love a man with complete faith in his woman.

Christine: Definitely Emma admitting that she's always felt like a "lost little girl who never mattered and never would." My heart broke for her because in large part that feeling has never changed, despite finding her family and being "the savior."

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Should Charming have told the group he'd been injured by the deadly thorns?

Gareth: Yes. I do not see the logic  in hiding his wound from the others. Hook knows the island and has had experience with the poison that is infecting Charming. Charming needs to start trusting his companions a bit more. I am sure he will be saved in the nick of time as I can't see the writers killing off a core character like Charming.

Nick: He probably doesn't want to feel like a burden at this point even though that is exactly what he's going to be very soon if he doesn't get some help.

Jim: Absolutely, they are supposed to be working together. Him not saying anything is just going to be bad.

Christine: Yeah, that just seemed dumb. I understand that he doesn't want to show weakness but it's going to be hard to hide when he passes out. And no matter how he feels about Hook, the good Captain is the only one who might have the knowledge to help him right now.

Was Charming right to lie to Snow about Excalibur?

Gareth: Yes. Charming acted for the greater good. It restored Snow's faith in herself and gave her the confidence to stand up to Regina. Snow would have regretted choosing exile.

Nick: His intentions were good, and it was the only way he could think of to show Snow exactly what he saw in her. Sometimes lies are necessary in relationships, and this was one of those times. Charming wasn't using a the lie for evil.

Jim: Was it really a lie? Yes, it was a deception, but she needed the push, so I have to agree with his choice.

Christine: I was really surprised Snow was angrier about that. Yes, he deceived her for a good reason and it worked but knowing he we made another deal with the dark one behind her back was a bit distressing.

What was your reaction to seeing Belle? Did it make you wonder what was happening in Storybrooke or remind you how little you'd thought of Storybrooke this season?

Gareth: I am not missing Storybrooke at all. I am finding the Neverland story arc quite engaging in a way that Storybrooke seldom is. I figured Belle was an expression of Rumple's subconscious since Neverland is a place where imagination runs wild. I'm eager to get the back story about Rumple's father and wondered whether he may turn out to be an important fairy tale character in his own right.

Nick: I'm definitely veering to the side of missing Storybrooke. So much of the show has always centered around the town, and to be away from it for so long now makes OUAT feel lost and empty (much like Neverland). It was very nice seeing Belle, however. She's still very good at being Rump's moral compass and confidante.

Jim: a little of both. I thought Ruby was a regular cast member, but we haven't seen her at all this season.

Christine: I haven't missed Storybrooke at all. Like Gareth I'm finding Neverland completely engaging and the Fairy Tale world just enough to break it up a bit.

What are your thoughts on Emma being a Lost Girl?

Gareth: Emma as a 'Lost Girl' fits the progression of the character perfectly. I was really pleased to see the writers go back to acknowledging the emotional baggage and issues that Emma has been carrying around with her since her foster system days. I hope we get to see more flashbacks to Emma's time in the system.

Nick: I had those same thoughts when Emma was on top of one of the Lost Boy's and proceeded to freeze up. She's been a Lost Girl all her life, and I think she's lying to herself if she doesn't feel at least some kinship with the Lost Boys.

Jim: it makes sense if you over look the fact that she's not a kid anymore. She's exactly what Pan likes for his crew.

Christine: Yes, Emma has always felt Lost from the time she was a child and it has never really changed. It's a great way of intertwining her history into the Neverland story.

Do you think Pan can transform Henry into a Lost Boy? Do you want to see the dark side of Henry?

Gareth: I have faith in Henry. He's a smart boy. I think Peter Pan may be seriously underestimating just how much power Henry wields. Magic runs in the Charming family. Peter Pan may have met his match.

Nick: The one boy who believes when no else will slowly giving up hope? It's a great area to explore for Henry, and I would really enjoy seeing that side of him. At some level he's similar to his Emma, but he's always willing to see the good in those. What happens if that's gone?

Jim: Probably, Pan is pretty crafty. I'm sure we will see a darker side of Henry, but he will come back around, look at his grandmother :)

Christine: A dark Henry could be fun, not only in how he'll interact with Emma but also Regina.  How will the Evil Queen react to seeing her sweet little boy turn towards the dark side?

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