Being Mary Jane: Watch Season 1 Episode 2 Online

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Following a strong series premiere, Being Mary Jane aired "Girls Night In" this week.

Based on the title, this was an installment where not much went down, right? Where the ladies just took it easy, made popcorn and did each other's hair? HA! Right...

Mary Jane was left to ponder her future after a major chat with Andre, while tension ran high between Kara and the show's title character. Over what? Scroll down to find out.

Elsewhere, a woman inched closer to Paul Sr. and Kara revamped Mark's show. To great success?

That answer also awaits. Watch Being Mary Jane online for some answers:

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Being Mary Jane Quotes

I'm just searching for a little escape before reality bites me in the morning. So, London, are you in?


MJ: I signed with a professional matchmaker.
Kara: A matchmaker? Is this one of your white friends' suggestions? It was Molly, wasn't it.
MJ: She caters to diverse, professional women like me.
Kara: How does that differ from a dating app?
NJ: It cost $20,000.