Scandal Return Teaser: Total Insanity Ahead!

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Everyone should be very afraid, and if I were you, I would be terrified.

So utters threatens Papa Pope to Olivia in the following promo for Scandal Season 3, which doesn't simply teas this drama's return on February 27.

It hooks fans in with a promise of EIGHT consecutive new episodes, along with total and complete "insanity" to come.

Such as? It's hard to say, but the footage depicted here includes Fitz reaffirming his love for Olivia, Mellie tossing out insults, Harrison packing heat and a lot more.

Watch Scandal online if you need to catch up and click through photos from "Ride, Sally, Ride" now:

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

What is currently happening is that President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III has made an enemy, the worst kind of enemy, because I know all his secrets. I know where every body is buried, and the greatest weapon I can use against him calls me 'Dad.'

Rowan Pope

[to Olivia] You're skipping around in a field full of bombs and mistaking them for daisies.

Rowan Pope