How I Met Your Mother Finale Pics: One Last Group Hug

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It's taken nine seasons for Ted Mosby to tell his kids the story of How I Met Your Mother - and we've been there for every bad breakup, failed wedding and three minute date. 

But like all good stories,  How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 23 reaches its conclusion in just a couple weks.

Check out these photos from "Last Forever Parts One and Two," the one-hour series finale set to air Monday, March 31 on CBS and get a look at the last high-fives, drinks and group hugs. 

NOTE: be sure to bring Kleenex.

Need to catch up prior to the finale?

You can always watch How I Met Your Mother online here at TV Fanatic. Enjoy!

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 23 Quotes

Marshall: Why does he keep doing this? He meets them. He likes them way too much. He goes way too big too soon. He ends up blowing it. I can't take this any more. He's fallen in love so many times now.
Lily: Not like this. This is different.

It's been a major pleasure, Major Pleasure.