Revenge Sneak Peeks: Why Are You Still Here?!?

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New timeslot. Same old Victoria Grayson.

On Revenge Season 3 Episode 14, aptly-titled "Payback" and airing at 10 p.m., Victoria will confront Emily at Charlotte' 19th birthday questions and ask a few pointed questions.

Who are your parents? Where did you come from? And: Why are you still here?!?

Check out Victoria being her most Victoria-like now and also check out a scene in which Emily receives a surprising phone call:

Need to catch up prior to Sunday's return?

Watch Revenge online at TV Fanatic now and click through pictures from "Payback" now:

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Nolan: So, Blackout Em speaks the truth?
Emily: I'm aware of that, Nolan.

Of all the weapons we take into battle there is none more powerful than the mind. It holds our instincts and our training. It allows us to distinguish friend from foe, love from hate. But if that weapon is unsound, it is by no means disarmed. For the mind is all the more dangerous when damaged and there's no guarantee that it won't choose itself as its next victim.