19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 12: Full Episode Live!

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Tick.... tick... tick... tick...

Know what sound that is, TV Fanatics? It's the sound of the wedding clock, as 19 Kids and Counting Season 14 Episode 12 took place just one week before Jill and Derick exchanged vows.

As anyone who has ever walked down the aisle knows, however, this can be the most hectic few days of one's life. No matter how much you think you've planned well, last-minute snafus always seem to come up.

In this case, the newlyweds-to-be were busy filling up their new house with furniture bought at a local auction, while also lining up transportation for their rehearsal. The ladies also found some time to get their nails done.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Did anything go wrong? Watch 19 Kids and Counting online to find out!

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