Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 6: Full Episode Live!

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Things got very, very personal onĀ Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 6.

Dr. Jenn grew concerned over how Jenna reacted to some issues in her relationship, calling the ex-porn star in for a one-on-one session this week. She wanted to know the problems Jenna was having with John.

And Jenna told the doctor everything, starting with how John can be insensitive to Jenna's past. Such as? Such as the times she was raped.

Yes, in a very sad reveal, Jameson talked about getting raped on two separate occasions and how she couldn't even tell her father about one of them because he made it seem like it was her fault.

How so? How did Dr. Jenn respond to these admissions? Sit back and watch Couples Therapy online to find out:

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