Manzo'd with Children Season 1 Episode 4: Full Episode Live!

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It's an argument about a future that probably will never happen.

Yep. That the Manzo style. Take a small situation and make a mountain out of it.

In Manzo'd with Children Season 1 Episode 4 we get to rehash the ugliness that comes from Albie bringing home new girlfriend Brittany. You remember her, right? Ring girl with huge boobs?

Words are said between the siblings Albie and Lauren about their future. If Brittany is going to be a part of Al's life, then he expects Lauren to accept her. When she doesn't, he suggests their future will be separate -- their kids will spend their lives apart so Al can skip Lauren's toxic vibe.

Caroline wants Lauren to be the bigger person and to walk away from the fight. Is Caroline giving her son too much latitude or is she right? Should Lauren walk away from the fight and accept that her brother just says mean things to her?

It sure seems like no matter what she does, Lauren is going to be wrong. Who is with me on this?! Al just skulks in the other room, listening and pouting. Eh, heck. Find out all about it when you watch Manzo'd with Children online!

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