Preaching Alabama Season 1 Episode 1: Full Episode Live!

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We met the Speegles on Preaching Alabama Season 1 Episode 1.

What separates this family from most families out there? Simple: every member is an eccentric preacher, and also prides himself or herself on being an accepting preacher.

As teased on the official TLC website, these folks “feel a calling to spread love and acceptance, especially among people who feel unwelcome at more traditional churches."

On the opening episode of their new reality series, Allen and Janice Speegle are ready to retire and hand the reigns of their ministry over to their oldest daughter, Jill, and her husband, Rod.

But they aren't doing so in their native state of Florida. They are determined to set up a new shop in Alabama.

What sort of challenges await there? Get to know the family and the set up to this show when you watch Preaching Alabama online:

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