The Originals Q&A: Julie Plec Previews Rebekah's Return, Plans for Jackson and Hayley

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With only two episodes left before The Originals Season 2 breaks for winter, fans are more curious than ever to learn what's going down in New Orleans.

During a visit to Atlanta last week, we sat down with Julie Plec to find out what she had to say about all things Mikaelson. Who better to tell us what's coming than the woman in charge, right?

On Rebekah's Return

Rebekah will be returning on The Originals Season 2 Episode 8, but what will bring her and Baby Hope to New Orleans? Fear. 

Despite the fact that Rebekah has followed their plan, she fears she's been spotted and calls her brothers for reinforcements. The family will rendezvous for the holidays which will take us right into the winter break.

Finncent and Koleb's Return and Their Allegiance

One of the first questions I had for Plec was when they decided Finn and Kol would be returning from the Other Side. Since their reintroduction is one fans are loving this season, I was thrilled to get an answer, and such a detailed one at that. 

The next question, of course, is just what will happen now that the four Mikaelson brothers are under one roof again?

With the news that Yusuf Gatewood was made a series regular, we're sure to be seeing a lot more Finncent in the Quarter. Our fingers are crossed that Daniel Sharman gets the same good news. (Interviews with both are coming soon!)

The Mikaelson Family Curse

With all this talk about family, chatter around the table inevitably turned to this season's bombshell:

The eldest Mikaelson child didn't die during the plague as the remaining children all believe. A witch worse than Esther exists and her name is Dahlia

While we don't know much about Dahlia and Freya right now, we do know they're both alive. Somehow. And Freya is not happy. The second half of this season is going to be intense as the family rallies to protect Hope. 

What's Up With the Wolves?

Jackson may have saved the day on The Originals Season 2 Episode 7, but he's not quite ready to take leadership of the pack. Will that be changing soon?

Let's see what Julie Plec has to say.

Somewhere out there, the two or three Jackley (Hayson?) fans in existence are jumping for joy over that spoilery tidbit about the packs. Hang tight, Haylijah fans, there's a post alllll about Hayley and Elijah forthcoming.

"The Brothers That Care Forgot" will air tonight at 8:00 on The CW, but you can watch The Originals online right here at TV Fanatic any time.

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