Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 4: Full Episode Live!

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Niecy's baby daddy comes back wanting to have a relationship with Treyvion, and although she holds out for a while, Niecy soon find herself in bed with him and Mary Jane finds them in bed together. Her eyes, her eyes!!!

There's a reason the hashtag for the episode was #OhNiecy... guess whose bed Niecy was using. Oh, Niecy.

Also, on Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 4 Kara is put into a tough spot when the station manager starts running focus groups about Mary Jane, but swears her to keep silent. Can she keep it from Mary Jane and still affect the numbers?

Will scoring an interview with Sheldon Dewitt put all of that worry aside? He shows up at the studio to vet Mary Jane, so things are looking pretty good. Unless we're misjudging, he's think Mary Jane looks pretty good from where he's standing. It may not be all about about a potential interview.

Find out all about it when you watch Being Mary Jane online! Click below to get started.

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