Grimm Gives Back Was a Rousing Success!

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This past weekend, the cast of Grimm got together to host the Grimm Gala to benefit the to establish the Grimmster Endowment for OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

TV Fanatic was invited and witnessed first hand the generosity and spirit that made the event an incredible success.

“Over the past few years, my fellow cast and crew members and I have fallen in love with the city. Since Portland has given us so much, we wanted to give something back,” Sasha Roiz said, who plays Captain Sean Renard on Grimm.

The Gala, spearheaded by Roiz was a sold out event raising over $310,000. “The cast visited OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital not long after coming to Portland, and we were moved by the families, kids, and everything the hospital does to ensure patients receive the best possible care in a supportive, family-centered environment.”

We had a chance to catch up with Roiz after the evening's for his thoughts. He was literally awash with appreciation at everyone involved from the city to the corporations who provided support, including one of a kind merchandise for auction. "And they really were, really involved. That's just the thing, this is an amazing city and these are huge corporations, Comcast and Nike, and they're so humanized by these people. It just brings it down to this core level and it's beautiful. It's really hard to find in other parts of the world."

"Thankfully my cast was always very supportive and were willing to lend their time. And, of course, we got to leverage the name Grimm. You know, that's the thing, without that sort of notoriety you cannot get that attention so hopefully you use the attention to change things." We learned Roiz is a comfortable ham and he hopes comedy is in his future. He even mentioned he's a big fan of recently renewed Portlandia and would love to be up for a role, if they happen to be reading. Why not spread the good will a little further across the city?

Online auction items raised $12,248 and online donations raised $3,632 at the close of the event. Fans can continue to donate online at the Grimm Gala Doernbecher Foundation.

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