American Dad Season 12 Episode 12: Full Episode Live!

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This isn't your normal comic fare, but it's funny nonetheless!

When Stan witnesses a couple die in car crash onĀ American Dad Season 12 Episode 12, he's utterly horrified and books an appointment with a shrink (guest star Ted Dansen) to talk it over.

To make it even worse, Stan feels as if it was his fault because he gave the cab in which the couple (who was pregnant) died to them as a courtesy. While he was busily patting himself on the back for his good deed, they were killed.

In good old double entendre fashion, once home, Stan decides to shrink himself and get lost inside a plastic world where everything is easy and peaceful. Or is it?

Watch American Dad online to find out what Stan has to do to ensure the safety of Francine and the kids and to what lengths he'll go in his tiny world to keep them so.

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