Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 6: Full Episode Live!

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Did that really just happen? Oh, you don't know what happened yet, do you?

Wow! As Mary Jane takes her final injection to prepare for the harvesting of her eggs, she finds David standing on her doorstep. He's having a crisis of conscience and feels trapped. Is it really too late for him and Mary Jane? 

Can Mary Jane really let David walk away after asking that question? We'd certainly never imagine it. 

Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 6 revolves around an overworked attorney who is holding the city hostage as he threatens to commit suicide outside of his office building. After hearing David's feeling, Mary connects the dots to successful black men in crisis. 

What scoop does Sheldon have on the case as it unfolds? Can he give Mary Jane an exclusive that will help her career?

Find out what happened with both Sheldon and David when you watch Being Mary Jane online.

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