Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 8: Full Episode Live!

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An American tragedy strikes close to Mary Jane when there is a school shooting in Virginia on Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 8.

While she's covering the tragedy, Patrick is confronted by police as he waits for his daughter as school nears an end.

Kara's problems with her husband small in comparison and she reaches out to her new man to escape the horrors of the day, but he wants her to let her shield down and step away from her wit and irony for just a minute.

Things are not all bad, however, as Sheldon and Mary Jane grow closer, enjoying a phone call we all dream about in real life. Hell, you've had them.

You know the calls, the kind that last all night and never end. #OneLastQuestion ... But can that be for real? Will they take their relationship to the next level? 

Find out all about it when you watch Being Mary Jane online.

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