The 100 Creator Previews Season Finale, End of Mount Weather & More

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After the first part of the finale to The 100 Season 2 aired last week, things were not looking great for our gang on Mount Weather.

The biggest shock was that Lexa turned on her crush Clarke, choosing to save her clan of Grounders and leave the Sky People to potentially perish.

What’s Clarke’s next move and will she have to cross lines you normally wouldn’t see her cross to save her people? Will the finale change things up again in the world of this popular CW series?

I chatted with creator Jason Rothenberg to see what we can expect from The 100 Season 2 Episode 16 , along with why fans are in support of the Clarke/Lexa romance when other mainstream shows (The Walking Dead comes to mind) have seen some backlash when it comes to the portrayal of a same sex couple...

TV Fanatic: Going into the finale and knowing you had to wrap things up to a certain degree but also lead us into the next season, how did you just approach the last episode?

Jason Rothenberg: Well, first of all we obviously like doing two part finales and we’re two for two in that. I just feel like the story that we’re telling is essentially one story told in 12 parts, or 13 parts last year and 16 parts this year, you know? It’s not like something that’s worked episodic that we’re doing. Every episode is serialized, right? Very highly. So it’s a little bit of a misnomer to call them Part 1 and Part 2 although we do like to wrap things up more and usually sort of the cliffhanger style of Episode 15 I think does justify calling it Part 1.

I always knew that this season was going to be the Mount Weather story. We were going to tell that story this season and by tell it I mean finish telling it. So you know, I get bored when things stay the same and when stories drag on and on endlessly [and] questions aren’t answered. I like to turn pages and start new stories and that’s how it stays interesting for me.

That’s what we did last season with the white room at the end of our finale of season one which sort of turned the ship into what this season has become, which was the Mount Weather story, really. And then we do that again with the finale ending this year.

TVF: I feel like that’s not a jolt to viewers of the show since you did that from the start. Regular viewers are going to go with that.

JR: I feel like one of the things that’s the most interesting to me is that it’s a big world that we’re telling the story and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg and so by doing that we get to sort of continue to expand the playing field [and] reveal different people that survived, different things that are out there, different parts of the world.

That’s what makes it exciting for me. It makes it hard for us to produce the show because we are trying to create a desert, for instance, in Vancouver, which is pretty hard to do but they pulled it off brilliantly up there this year and next year who knows what different environments we’ll see. But that’s the plan, anyway.

TVF: There’s often talk about good guys and who is a good guy so is that part of the conflict coming, especially for Clarke?

JR: That’s a good question. For me the theme of the season has been is there a point at which the good guy becomes the bad guy? If you have good intentions can you go too far to reach them? And so for me it’s all been about that. Will Clarke come to that line in the sand and cross it? So far she’s yet to come to a line that she wouldn’t cross in order to get her people back.

She’s done some pretty dark things in the name of saving her people, and in the last episode I think we saw Lexa run into a line of her own, which was will she abandon the Sky People and Clarke, this woman who she’s obviously falling for, in order to save her own people?

Likewise I think by design, of course, Dante came to a similar line that he had drawn for himself which was he had done this horrible stuff with the Grounders in the Harvest Chamber for decades, but he drew a line on these 44 kids, he was not going to do that to them for whatever reason that I could talk about endlessly, but he was forced to cross that line last episode. So you know, Clarke will reach her line this episode and the question is will she cross it or not.

TVF: Let me ask you a little bit about the Clarke-Lexa connection that we’ve seen the last few episodes. There were same sex relationships recently on shows like The Walking Dead and Black Sails that got a lot of negative reaction from fans. It didn’t seem to be that way for Clarke and Lexa with the fans of The 100. Any thoughts on why?

JR: Well, you know, far be it from me to speculate why people react negatively to other shows, but I feel like, first of all for better or worse, I haven’t had a lot of time to watch any other television shows. I have to catch up on both of those shows but I feel like the reason people have responded positively to the way we portrayed it is because we didn’t portray it as if it was a big deal.

I tweeted something about how some things get better after the apocalypse. There’s no reaction to it, ‘oh my God, it’s a homosexual relationship!’ Our characters couldn’t give a s**t, excuse my French.

It’s just treated like another relationship and I think we do the same thing with gender roles, we do the same thing with race. It’s just these things don’t matter when what matters is are you going to survive that day.

The 100 Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW. 

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