Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 11: Full Episode Live!

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Mary Jane's big Ugly Black Woman conversation with the guest when she took Cynthia's time slot during SNC's Prime Time news went viral.

On Being Mary Jane Season 2 Episode 11 Cynthia worries about her future with SNC and within hours MJ is offered the anchor, but there's a catch. Isn't there always?

The question is, can MJ live with the caveats that the network wants to place on the job? Is the idea of nightly news going to lose its sheen? What is the cost of going mainline?

Sheldon has Mary Jane over for a really nice date including Moroccan food and a French film. She calls it corny and a bit much. His sincerity is lost on her and she later calls him sensitive Sally when discussing it with Mark, who rightfully tells her off. 

Suddenly, they're in a relationship, but MJ isn't quite sure what she's in for. As things continue to pile up, MJ does the one thing in her new relationship she'd probably never want to do. Will they make it for the long haul?

When MJ reaches out to David after a personal tragedy, she unwittingly witnesses something she is never meant to and by then end, it's entirely possible she may find herself on a completely different and unexpected side of the ugly black woman conversation. WTH is going on???

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